The Fear of Change

Whether it be… transitioning from Child to Adult, moving out of home, travelling the world, first day at a new job, getting married, moving House, becoming a Parent, your Child’s first day at school

Change is everywhere a continuous thing that appears in our lives whether we like it or not, whether it’s within our control or not ALL THE TIME!!!  How on earth do we cope??

:: How to inspire ::

There are plenty of reasons why we should fear change especially the dreaded ‘Unknown’. This void of information creates a perfect habitat for fear. We think worst case scenarios, we doubt ourselves, we build up defences, we stress, and we get anxious. What’s going on? We are powerless…… sometimes in life the unknown can’t be helped. In a business however, this can be managed and people can be supported through it.

:: Change Curve ::


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  1. As you get older you tend to fear learning new things.. your afraid that you wont be able to take everything in as say someone younger.. but with the correct support and time you will learn and wonder why you got so stressed in the first place.

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