StepsHave you had your ‘aha’moment yet? That moment when you realised that it was time to take that ‘step’? Step, what step? That step, the one that takes you out of your comfort zone.   That possibly very scary first step. When did you realise, when you heard the Chrysalis advert, when you signed up for the course, on your first day, sometime after that? Maybe for some of you, you have not had it yet, but it will come.

The comfort zone. That nice, ‘safe’, place to be. The place you know, the feelings you are used to, the safe options in life. Are you stuck in your comfort zone and is it really that comfortable?

The thing with comfort is it is more about familiarity rather than actual comfort, about staying still, about not challenging yourself. Anyone on a Chrysalis course, anyone really wanting to be a hypnotherapist or counsellor will at some point step out of their comfort zone.

How do you deal with this? Do you first ‘look’ from a safe distance? Do you tentatively put one toe in the water to test it out? Or do you jump in feet first? Different things work for different people but one thing is certain, life is certainly more exciting when you step out, when you take the challenge, when you open yourself up to new experiences.

Bravery isn’t about going after the easy option, or even about succeeding, but it is about stepping out of that comfort zone and trying something new. Who knows, you might discovery what your life is really about, what you are really good at.

Take a big step, or take a small step, but do take a step out of your comfort zone, do see what you are really capable of and you will be amazed at where life can take you.

Karen Ferguson

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