New Apps Help Young People with Mental Health Conditions

Chrysalis Not for Profit recently learned that a range of new mobile apps have been created to help young people with mental health conditions throughout the UK.

Diagnosis of mental health conditions

Figures from the Mental Health Foundation, a mental health charity, indicate that a quarter of UK adults develop mental health conditions every year. World Health Organisation data illustrates that roughly three quarters of conditions start before someone reaches the age of 18. Half of adults with mental health conditions are diagnosed in childhood, although less than 50% are treated appropriately when diagnosed.

Mental Health Apps

The Birmingham Post reported that the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (BSMHFT) has co-designed a series of apps to help young people with mental health conditions.

These tools provide young people with the means to facilitate prevention and early intervention, so they can recover from mental health conditions. The apps include ‘Silver Linings,’ a ‘gamified’ piece of software which increases the likelihood of recovery, by giving young people the means to self-manage mental health conditions.

Helping patients manage their recovery

The team that created these apps was led by BSMHFT consultant psychiatrist Dr Erin Turner. Commenting on Silver Linings, Turner said that the app “is about engaging young people using a medium they are familiar with, helping them in their recovery by better understanding psychosis.”

The doctor went on to explain: “From a patient perspective the app will help them to understand and manage their illness, and empower them on their road to recovery. From a clinical perspective, it helps us know patients are involved in managing their own recovery, and can give us longitudinal information that helps us to tailor our treatment plans.”

Chrysalis Not For Profit

If a patient is involved in managing their recovery and they receive talking therapy treatments such as counselling, they can overcome mental health conditions. You can help people across the UK with mental health conditions by training to become a counsellor through a number of Chrysalis courses supplied by Chrysalis Not For Profit.

Established in 1998, Chrysalis Not For Profit is now the UK’s market-leading trainer in talking therapies. We offer creative, enjoyable and relaxed courses, fully accredited by the relevant professional bodies on a part-time basis to fit around your commitments.

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  1. I don’t think Apps are the answer. If I had mental health problems I would not turn to technology, I would much rather see someone about it. Although I understand not everyone is the same as me. Just don’t get it!

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