Chrysalis Not For Profit spotted a story this week which suggested that NHS mental health waiting lists for services such as counselling are “spiralling out of control.”

Mental health in the UK

Statistics quoted by the Mental Health Foundation, a mental health charity, show that one in every four people in the UK will experience mental health issues every year. These people can access treatments such as counselling through the NHS, which help them deal with the underlying issues that cause mental health conditions.

Waitlists are “spiralling out of control.”

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams recently suggested that there are too many people who been left waiting to receive this treatment. She pointed out that that there were 1,333 children who had been on waiting lists to receive assessment for psychiatric services for 14 weeks in April 2015.


Williams was quoted by the BBC saying “these figures are appalling and show that mental health waiting lists are spiralling out of control.” She added that “for too long mental health services have been an afterthought of governments. This complacency means our mental health services are miles behind where they should be.”

A spokesman for the Welsh government responded by revealing that Cardiff will invest an additional £7.6 million per year to ensure young people are assessed more quickly. He elaborated by saying that they’re aiming to achieve a 100% rise in the number of young people assessed by child and adolescent mental health services over four years.

Chrysalis Not For Profit

This news is a clear indicator that the UK needs more mental health professionals such as counsellors. They have the training people need to talk them through the root issues that cause mental health problems. You can help people with mental health conditions by training to become a counsellor through a number of Chrysalis courses supplied by Chrysalis Not For Profit.

Established in 1998, Chrysalis Not For Profit is now the UK’s market-leading trainer in talking therapies. We offer creative, enjoyable and relaxed courses, fully accredited by the relevant professional bodies on a part-time basis to fit around your commitments.

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