As part of studying one of the Chrysalis courses offered by Chrysalis Not For Profit, we ask you to record your learning experiences down in a journal.

Journal your learning experiences

When you study the Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills Course, Counselling Skills and Theory Course or the Psychotherapeutic Counselling Course, you’ll be asked to write a journal every month. A portion of your journal will be marked on a monthly basis, whilst the remainder will be marked at a later date. This is a vital part of your learning experience.

It’s your chance to reflect on where you are, the parts of the course you have or haven’t liked, and the elements of your training programme you have or even haven’t enjoyed. We will provide you with guidance on what to include in your journal, but it really is your outlet to let the ‘real’ you show; to write about your personal experiences and how they relate to your training.

Help us help you

We ask that you use this as an opportunity to be expressive as you can. This is because your journal is a vital learning tool that you can use to tell us how to help you become a better student. By journaling about your life and your experiences studying Chrysalis courses, you can help us understand where you might need support or advice, your strengths and weaknesses, as well as where you’re excelling, so we can identify how we can tailor our programme to improve your leaning experience.

Qualities of a counsellor

We also ask you to write a journal every month because it’s an essential step on the road to becoming a professional counsellor. If you use your journal well, make it really personal to you, it can give you the means to become self-aware, willing to learn more and ask for help, as well as reflective. These are all qualities that qualified therapists strive to attain so they have the knowledge base they need to talk patients through their mental health issues.

Chrysalis Not For Profit

The reason we ask you to write a journals when you study Chrysalis courses provided by Chrysalis Not For Profit is that it helps you grow as a person. This is a pivotal step on the road to developing the skills you need to become a professional counsellor.

Established in 1998, Chrysalis Not For Profit is now the UK’s market-leading trainer in talking therapies. We offer creative, enjoyable and relaxed courses, fully accredited by the relevant professional bodies on a part-time basis to fit around your commitments.

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