There has always been a lot of interest in diets with many people seemingly on permanent diets. Although, it isn’t strictly true that many people are on diets, when in fact we are all on diets.


Whilst people’s diets may vary greatly, people’s definition of diet varies too. For some a diet is simply food, whilst for others it can be a stressful, depressing and negative word.


Hypnotherapy has been found to aid weight loss, but people still need to understand that they need to work alongside us. As lovely as it may sound, one visit to a Hypnotherapist does not make you slim over night.


Often with hypnotherapy we look not only at a person’s diet, but perhaps most importantly when and why they started to overeat in the first place. People often start to overeat because they are lonely, bored, feel unloved or it just offered them some form of comfort.


So if these are the reasons that a person is overweight, simply telling them to eat less, or eat different types of food for a prescribed period of time isn’t going to work. We need to look at their relationship with food, what it means to them, whether they have linked it to a good or bad period of time in their lives. By really understanding how a person views food, we are much better placed to help them achieve life long improvements.


It is very important to have a healthy relationship with food, recognising that food is something we need to fuel our bodies in order that they function correctly.


So if you are having a diet problem and you feel down as you have tried many ‘diets’ in the past that haven’t worked, perhaps the first thing you could try is looking at your feelings around food. Listen to yourself and your body and of course if you need some help, look for a good Hypnotherapist and let them help you work it out.


Karen Ferguson, Head of Hypnotherapy at Chrysalis Not For Profit

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