When you were a child and you got a present, there was nothing better than tearing off the paper to see what was inside.  That sense of anticipation and then a big happy smile when you found that you have got just what you wanted.  Watching others open present was certainly never as much fun, more often than not you might have tried to ‘help’ or even left the room whilst it was happening.

However, when you start to get older you realise that you get just as much pleasure, if not more, by giving a gift to someone else and watching their face as they opened it.

It is not just presents either, studies have shown that those who give to other people, including giving to those less fortunate than ourselves are actually happier.  It has in fact been suggested through various studies that giving money actually makes us happier than spending it on ourselves.  One particular study carried out by Harvard Business School showed that those people who spent money on others were indeed happier than those who spent it on themselves.

We are as humans, a very social bunch and have actually survived because we do take care of each other (to a greater or lesser degree).

So if giving to others, including but not limited to money, makes us feel happier then and feeling happier can make us feel better in many different ways,  it is actually important for us to continue to find ways to give to other people.

The full study can be found at:-


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