Counselling in Universities

University can be a stressful time for students, the pressures of student loans mixed with wanting to succeeded and get into their chosen career can have a profound impact on a students mental health.

It seems that more and more university students at turning to counselling to help them through their studies.

The University of Surrey (figures released under the Freedom of Information act), state that in 2013-14 964 students requested help, and in 2014-15 that went up to 1,049.  Other patterns showing an increase in the demand of help is echoed by statistics issued by Royal Holloway what stated that in 2010-11 596 students sought help, this has increased to 780 in 2014-15.

Counselling is being sought for issues such as homesickness, depression, anxiety and procrastination.

In a study that took place during the 2014-15 academic year, 91 universities in the UK provided data, covering the previous 3 years.  Although the figures were based upon several months, rather than the whole year, it showed that during the 2014-15 academic year 68,757 students accessed help.

For example, The Royal Holloway say they offer short term counselling with the aim of providing their clients better coping skills for the longer term.

Offering short term counselling generally means that there is little or no waiting list and help is offered much quicker, thus allowing more people to receive assistance.

It can only be a good thing that more people are becoming aware the benefits of having a counsellor to speak to both for the clients and counsellors.

With people taking to social media and online platforms to help break the stigma and become more open about mental health it is giving other that platform to become more open about any stresses or problems they may be facing.

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  1. Going to university is sometimes the first opportunity young people leave the safety net of their home. This can be faced with a whole mixture of emotions/issues and it is good to hear that many are asking for help and not suffering in silence. Also many of the issues being short term therefore can be dealt with promptly and impact positively.

  2. Yes I agree, for many students leaving home for the first time this is a huge step and we need to give them all the help and support that we can.

  3. Yes, it can be a huge step for someone, leaving home for the first time and faced with many changes and new challenges. Talking about it can make them understand that these are natural feelings and will help them grow as as a person and in turn help alleviate these anxieties.

  4. Agree, a very big step for young people to take and reassuring to know help is out there for those who need it.

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