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Chrysalis Courses was recently invited to be on a local radio station in Scotland. We asked Karen Ferguson, Head of Hypnotherapy, to be interviewed. Here is what she said about her experience!

Those students and potential students living in Scotland, might be interested to know that I was interviewed recently by Heartland FM (based in Perthshire).  In my time I have been in the newspaper and on television, but this was the first radio interview I have done.  It is quite amazing how much information can be given in a short space of time, if the focus of the discussion is very clear.

If you have never been on the radio, it is quite common that you are asked a question at the start in order to gauge sound, unfortunately Bruce (the DJ) asked what I had had for breakfast, ‘Nothing’ was rather a short answer!

Bruce who is clearly used to this, asked clear questions and made the whole experience simply and quite enjoyable to do.  I always find it interesting to explain in basic terms what hypnotherapy is, especially to someone who has no knowledge of it at all.

The whole experience only lasted about 7 minutes, which I think for my first experience was probably long enough.

Although this was recorded by a Scottish radio station the interview is available to be heard right here.  So for anyone who is thinking of joining Chrysalis as a student, or even if you currently are a student, why not have a listen.





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  1. Enjoyed listening to this interview – interesting to hear more about hypnotherapy and the Chrysalis course itself.

  2. Wow Karen was my tutor, so good to hear her on the radio. you can tell why we all liked her as a tutor she is so passionate about hypnotherapy, it definitely made the 1st year of the Chrysalis course worthwhile.

  3. Great to “hear” the voice of Chrysalis, this was really interesting and informative.

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