Chrysalis Courses looks at the effect your diet can have on your state of mind

Chrysalis Courses Karen Ferguson, Head of Hypnotherapy, has been looking into the effect your diet can have on your state of mind.

Did you know that your diet and even your gut health can effect your state of mind?  Believe it or not, it appears to be  true.

As study that took place in 2013 at UCLA seems to have proved that our diet really changes how we feel.  It was shown that our diet can effect not only our emotions but also those areas of the brain involved in sensory processing.

The study went on to show those people who are a high vegetable, fiber based diet had a difference in their gut environment than those who ate a diet higher in both fat and carbohydrates.

So it seems to be true, at least to some extent, that we really are what we eat.

Perhaps then it makes sense that if your mood and ability to process certain information is poor, maybe a change of diet is the first thing you could try in order to help yourself.

It was also stated in the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility (December 2011) that certain good bacteria has been found to help normalise anxiety-like behaviour in mice, whilst another good bacteria was found to lower the stress induced hormone corticosterone, reducing anxiety and depression related behaviour.

Whilst I am not suggesting we are all mice, it does seem that there is evidence to suggest that a healthier diet, and therefore a healthier gut really can help our mood and state of mind.

No need to rush off and find a dietitian, although I am sure one could help, but if you are suffering from stress, anxiety or a low mood for periods of time, perhaps it is time to look at your diet.  You could keep a food diary and see if there is any link between how you feel and what you have been eating.

After all, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were able to make a real difference to your life simply by making a few simple changes to your diet?

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  1. How in agreement I am with these findings. Being someone whose diet is varied including copious amounts of vegetables, fruit and fish, on those days when I do fancy and eat, what I deem as rubbish, ie crisps, chocolate, sweets; it is quite surprising how “sluggish” I feel, usually ending up asking myself why did I eat that? It is true – you are what you eat!

  2. This is so true – you are what you eat! Eat well and you will benefit in so many ways!!

  3. Totally agree! When I am particularly stressed/busy I grab whatever I can and it’s normally unhealthy takeaways. Within a short time of eating them I feel tired and bloated and then crave some fruit and vegetables. I then wonder why I did not go for those types of food to start with

  4. An interesting read which goes to show that the sugar rush we seek is a ‘quick fix’ and that healthy eating is not only good for our physical health – it has so many more benefits too!

  5. We are what we eat! How true this is and has a bearing on our overall feelings. We all need to review what we are eating from time to time, it’s so easy to fall into bad eating habits, particularly in winter months!

  6. Very true – you are what you eat

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