Chrysalis Courses Investigates the ShameOver initiative.

Here at Chrysalis Courses we have talked about mental health in men many time previously. We have now seen the Huffington Post have an initiative called the ShameOver. Its all about getting men to talk about their mental health.

Talking about mental health is just the first step. Stamping out the stigma that can be associated with mental health issues. This can create negative stereotypes. For men, talking about mental health can be particularly challenging.

Approximately 6 million American men have depression each year, yet research shows many are reluctant to disclose their mental illness symptoms and are averse to seeking treatment. This is a dangerous trend considering mental health issues have the potential to lead to suicide — an act that results in more than 40,000 deaths in the United States each year.

Head over to The Huffington Post to see what they have been doing to encourage men to talk about their mental health.


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  1. This is great as raising the profile of the effects of depression in men is really important as it may encourage more to seek help earlier.

  2. one day everyone might face up to it, but i guess it is a health thing in general with men, how many would go to a GP for a physical problem?

  3. There is no shame in anyone talking about depression. Anything that heightens awareness of this can only be a good thing.

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