Chrysalis Courses explores the pressures of Christmas time

Whilst Christmas is a happy time for many people, there are lots of others who find it a miserable time of the year. We at Chrysalis Courses wanted to find out why?  Well once you remove the religious element, what is Christmas all about?  For many it is about spending time with family, present and parties.   All things that some people find it difficult to deal with.

Some people struggle with the social side of Christmas and for others it is the pressure to spend lots of money on gifts for people.  This can add even more angst with people having to spend a good percentage of the next year struggling to pay this money off.

There are things that people can do to help themselves, the first one being learning to say ‘No’.  It is ok to say no, to state that you don’t want to spent time with people who you would rather not.  It is acceptable, perhaps even more these days, to say to people that you are only buying for your immediate family.

Even then you can look at ways to minimise some of your costs.  Why not go for a mix of gifts this year?  Buy one or 2 things that people want and then add in gifts that are items people need, new toothbrushes, special flannels, new pj’s etc.  Whilst some people might find this boring, the main aim of Christmas is time spent with the people you care about rather than the spending a fortune on gifts that are often of short term interest.

Of course, you can always save your money and spend it in the sales!  There is nothing like a child being able to choose what they want and spend their own money to get something.

There are website out there that offer you the chance to swap your unwanted toys with someone else’s.  Most children (young ones anyway) don’t really appreciate the difference between new and used anyway.

Do a bit of research and you will realise that a) you are not alone in your feelings and b) Christmas doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Websites such as Mind, Sane, Time to change have lots of valuable links, videos and information about mental health and coping during the festive season.

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  1. Hi Some really useful tips here especially saying No.
    Christmas is a lonely time for some people especially the elderly who have lost loved ones, which in turn can raise painful memories for some.
    I happened to see the new John Lewis Christmas add this morning and its very powerful, emotive tapping into our subconscious feelings about family and loved ones. However not everyone fits into that archetype.
    Another idea from my perspective is give your children more experiences not to many things, take them somewhere and give them your time and full attention, it doesn’t need to be expensive, many magic moments can be created walking in the park, feeding ducks etc. We can all earn more money however there are only 24 hours in the day for both rich and poor.
    Many people don’t have a stereotypical family two parents and 2 children, its also important to remember that family isn’t always about blood, its about those who were there for you, as we can choose our friends however we cant choose are family. With Christmas comes the New year, take some time to reflect in December, think about your goals and what you want to achieve the next year and how you are going to work towards them and write it down ? New Career ? Holiday ? More time with friends and family ? write it down and set a time frame, and take those initial small steps……..

  2. Maybe part of the difficulty is the pressure put on us all caused by all the advertising and it seeming that there are more and more expensive gifts in shops. Why not start Christmas shopping earlier in the year and take time to find the ‘right’ present for something – listen to your family and friends and when they say “I could really do with…..” – go out and buy it for them and put the present away ready for Christmas. It takes the pressure off, makes the card writing and present wrapping more less stressful and makes seeing someone open their present from you far more enjoyable!

  3. It really can be a pressured time, some of my best Christmases just involved a relaxed fun time with no undercurrent of he said this, she said that. Christmas is the one day that most of the population has no excuse but to relax and enjoy life and that is what Christmas is for me

  4. Perhaps it is people putting too much pressure on themselves. Go with the hustle and bustle of Christmas and enjoy!

  5. How true is this! Take the pressure off and if needed stand your ground to do what it is that you feel YOU want to do! Family situations change and we must learn to adapt to these changes in our life, part of this is about what we do over the Christmas and New Year festivities. Stay calm and focused and let your nearest and dearest know how you are feeling.

  6. I absolutely love Christmas but also find it stressful with all the family/step family to see and visit.
    The expectations of buying gifts and sometimes expensive ones has been eliminated by one side my family as we now do Secret Santa and just buy one gift. Everyone then only gets one gift and then we have to try and guess who bought for who!

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