Children and Hypnotherapy

I had never had much to do with hypnotherapy. When my son started secondary school, he was excited and looking forward to the school that he chose.

He confidently went to school by himself to catch the bus, but after one week at his new school his confidence plummeted and he began to worry about making mistakes, being late and forgetting equipment.

The school were setting out rules and disciplines and my son took everything they said to heart and to the word.

It was heart breaking to say the least, he was crying in the evenings and in the mornings. He was still determined to go to school.  But he was putting himself under so much pressure.

He had to check his bag, equipment and homework several times in evening, laying it out in order across his bedroom, floor. We would then pack it together and I would still have to reassure him on the way to school he hadn’t forgot anything.

Of course I spoke with the school and they were very supportive in helping him settle, but he was the one causing his worry and anxiety.

We then tried hypnotherapy which he was happy to do. To reduce his anxiety, worry and stress about making mistakes and getting it wrong.  He had 4 sessions in total and it was a gradual improvement every week…….and several weeks after the sessions ended.  He gradually became more confident and gradually started to worry less.  He was given coping methods to breathe and be calm.  I can’t believe the changes in him. He started the sessions in November and when he went back to school in the December he was happy, confident and loving going to school.  A completely different boy!  I cannot remember when he last worried about school, or anything for that matter, this was 2 years ago now. He is a strong, confident, young man now and I am so pleased that we went down the road of hypnotherapy and I would not hesitate to use it for my other children if needed.

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  1. Glad this worked for your son. Just goes to show the wide range of applications.

  2. The power of hypnotherapy – what a brilliant tool to have and in this particular instance a highly effective and successful outcome. I hope he continues to thrive!

  3. Brilliant article and proof how hypnotherapy can be effective. Also that 2 years on and still confident as a result.

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