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Top 10 Tweets from #DAW2016

You may have seen Twitter explode this week with people sharing their experiences of depression using #WhatYouDontSee

This is all to do with Depression Awareness Week, and this hashtag is all about shattering stereotypes of what it’s like to have depression, and bring the reality of this widely misunderstood illness into the public eye.

Missed it?

Here are our top 10 contributions from Twitter users from around the world!


The shame still associated with a condition that affects 1 in 5 adults:


How depression affects daily life and work:


How even the smallest things can feel like a crushing disaster: 


The problems of public perception of mental illness :


Depression isn’t just ‘feeling sad’:


Feeling bad about feeling happy:


The inherent contradiction of wanting and not wanting help at the same time:



You can’t know the struggles people face inside: 


It’s not rudeness, it’s depression:


And finally, the proof of how important #DAW2016 is, and how good it is to know you’re not alone: 


Chrysalis Courses Reports On Mental Health Meeting in Reading

Chrysalis Courses reports on the growing awareness throughout the UK on the growing impact on mental health and this was highlighted at a meeting that took place in Reading.

The youth cabinet in Reading attended a meeting where two of their members Jen Young and Connor Nolan made a presentation to experts in education and in mental health from both the Council and the NHS.

Since 2012 the youth cabinet have been campaigning on a variety of different issues within mental health, including influencing changes to council improvement plans, holding an event last November and a new mental health treaty which four new schools have signed up to.

What have the youth cabinet got planned this year?

  1. Identifying gaps in service provision
  2. Ensuring an awareness of and accessibility to existing services
  3. Supporting initiatives such as the School Link project
  4. Continued work around the Mental Health Treaty

Chrysalis Courses believes in the work that the youth cabinet is undertaking but it does ask the question why the youth cabinet in Reading are having to work so hard in making sure that the provision is available?

This is because there is a shortage in counsellors both paid and volunteer, Chrysalis Courses students who are completing the Chrysalis Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling, have access to a wide range of placement providers, including Place2Be, who work within schools offering counselling to both pupils and their parents.

If a counselling course is something you are considering then please visit


Referenced Article by Linda Fort.

Teen Film Highlights Mental Health Issues

Chrysalis Not For Profit has learned that a Leeds-based teenage director has spoken out on his latest project; a “gritty” production which sheds some much needed light on teenage mental health issues.

Teenage mental health

During the years between childhood and adulthood, many people face a new challenges that can lead to the development of mental health conditions such as stress and depression. Statistics gathered by Young Minds, a UK children’s mental health charity, indicate that one in ten people aged 5-16 have a mental health condition. Meanwhile, more than half of adults with mental health conditions were diagnosed in childhood.

Beneath the Shadows

Therefore teenage mental health is a serious issue in the UK; one which 18 year old film-maker Gage Oxley from Whinmoor, Leeds, sought to highlight in his new production Beneath the Shadows. The Yorkshire Evening Post reported that Gage’s production company Six° Films completed the project this year, and its trailer has already collected more than 2,000 views on YouTube.

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More Employees Are Reporting Mental Health Issues

A new poll has indicated to Chrysalis Not For Profit that the number of UK employees who are reporting mental health issues at work is on the rise.

Work and stress

As Chrysalis Not For Profit has reported several times, there’s a clear link between work and stress. A survey of 2,000 people carried out by Mind, a UK-based health charity, showed work is the most stressful factor in the lives of 34% of UK employees. 19% admitted that they’ve taken a day off work due to stress, whilst the same number said they couldn’t tell their boss that they’re overly stressed.

work and stress

A survey carried out by Mind, showed work is the most stressful factor in the lives of 34% of UK employees.

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First Men’s Mental Health Centre Opened in UK

New reports have shown Chrysalis Not For Profit that a mental health charity has recently opened the UK’s first mental health centre for men in Burton upon Trent.

Mens mental health

There’s evidence to suggest that men across the world face serious mental health issues. Figures from the World Health Organisation indicate that 510,000 men die as a result of suicide around the planet every year; one man every minute.

Stephen Buckley, from mental health charity Mind, shed light on the issue to BBC Newsbeat. He noted: “Suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 and, overall, men account for three-quarters of all suicides. Men talk less about their problems than women do, and instead might watch TV, play sport, or drink as a way of coping.”


Studies suggest that men across the world face serious mental health issues

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