Living with anxiety can be hard and it’s good to remember that there are a number of treatments available to combat anxiety. Hypnotherapy is one treatment that’s seen to help with the condition and Chrysalis Not For Profit knows of some real success stories about treating anxiety with hypnotherapy. In this blogpost we’ll examine hypnotherapy’s impact on anxiety and its related conditions.

What is hypnotherapy?

The NHS defines hypnotherapy as ‘a type of complementary therapy that uses hypnosis.’  Hypnosis techniques have been proven in the past to be beneficial in changing negative behaviour. Hypnotherapy technology and practice has made giant leaps in recent years, and it’s now seen as particularly effective for anxiety related conditions. Experts cite the relaxation techniques involved with hypnotherapy as especially beneficial to those suffering with heightened anxiety levels.

Anxiety is often defined as a mental health condition and is described as a feeling of unease, like a worry or a fear. Everybody feels anxious at some point in their lives, that’s only human nature, yet not everybody can control those feelings of anxiety and when these feelings have a negative impact on a person’s everyday life they may be diagnosed with a General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Hypnotherapy becomes mainstream

Like many ‘alternative’ therapies hypnotherapy is rapidly becoming more mainstream and accepted as a viable course for treatment of a number of conditions. Medical professionals are making more and more hypnotherapy recommendations based on results that have been achieved.

Anxiety is often a complex condition and practicing hypnotherapists understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to complex individual cases. However, taking time and following hypnotherapy best practice has been proved to show some remarkable results.

Hypnotherapy widely promoted as treatment for anxiety

Hypnotherapy relies on helping people changing the way they think and as anxiety is often a condition that is a direct result of the thought processes of the person suffering, with this in mind, hypnotherapy is a good fit to assist with anxiety related conditions.

Hypnotherapy has shown a real benefit to many, and in recent years it’s become the treatment of choice for some professionals assisting patients with the condition. Hypnotherapy professionals are constantly refining their approach and making the process better, building on the success of recent years to help make hypnotherapy become the treatment of choice for anxiety related disorders.

Chrysalis Not For Profit

If you’re interested in learning how you may be able to help other people overcome anxiety and learn hypnotherapy and counselling skills, please take some time to inquire about Chrysalis courses.

Established in 1998, Chrysalis Not For Profit is now the UK’s market-leading trainer in talking therapies. We offer creative, enjoyable and relaxed courses fully accredited by the relevant professional bodies on a part-time basis to fit around your commitments.

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