New research from meditation app Anamaya has indicated that ‘being less stressed’ is the number one change people across the UK want to make to their lives.

The physical and mental effects of stress

Many people in modern Britain live with the physical and mental effects of stress. Physically it can lead to a number of conditions such as raised blood pressure, headaches etc. Meanwhile, it can also cause someone to develop serious mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

31% of people see ‘being stressed’ as their top priority

It’s not surprising that a new study of 1,000 people by Anamaya has shown that 31% of people see ‘being less stressed’ as the number one change they wish to make to their lives.

Stress or relax

Being less stressed came ahead of spending more time with family and friends, cited as the top priority of 27% of respondents and being more confident, cited by 25%. Also, it found that residents of the UK only get eight hours of relaxation per month.

Work environment is biggest contributor to stress

The research went on to show that the environment we work in is the biggest contributor to stress levels. With the exception of being ill, depression and stress were cited as the most popular reasons people take time off work. A fifth of respondents admitted to taking leave because of stress.

Founder and narrator of the Anamaya app, Graham Doke, explained the effects of workplace stress, as well as how people can use meditation to deal with it. Doke said: “The majority of us have experienced how, at one point or another, the stress and strains of our work life can be brought back home with us on an evening. If not addressed, this stress can have a detrimental impact on our lives.”

Counselling can help somebody address these issues. Because counselling is a talking therapy, it allows somebody who has a mental health condition to talk to a trained professional who will listen, helping them face the deeper problem that has spurred a mental health issue.

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