Rio 2016 Paralympics – Achievements of triumph over adversity…..

Inspiring Quotes From Team GB Paralympians

The RIO Paralympics are underway and we begin the awe inspiring process of watching amazing performances and achievements of triumph over adversity. What gives the person the strength of courage to push beyond their boundaries and succeed?

The Power of Positive Thinking

How does someone with a million eyes on them perform and perform well? The level of expectation is sky high, what is it to be….fight or flight??

The hours and hours of training involved in becoming an Olympic athlete is beyond limits. The sacrifices that have to be made and the unwavering strength to work time and time again to achieving that one goal. A gold.

What is an Olympian’s coping strategy? How do they focus? How do they get up every day and commit 100% to their training regime? Do they fear failure? Or do they just embrace success?

Counselling is now prolific in the sporting world.

Sports Psychologists

Chrysalis Courses – Letyourselfgrow


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  1. It just goes to show what you can achieve, I love watching the Paralympics the athletes are amazing.

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