Chrysalis are a not for profit organisation and are now the UK’s market-leading trainer in talking therapies. Established in 1998, we encourage our students to grow through practical, enjoyable and satisfying courses.

Our Courses

We offer unique courses that combine a creative, enjoyable and relaxed approach but with full accreditation from the relevant professional bodies. We design all our courses with you in mind. We made our courses part-time so they fit around modern busy lifestyles and commitments to work and family. Chrysalis’ support system will help ensure that you achieve your qualification and help you grow.

Chrysalis logo

Just like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly in its chrysalis, we aim to be a safe, protective environment where practical and engaging training will help you emerge with new skills, a sense of achievement and the confidence that you are making the most of your abilities to take the first step to let yourself grow. 

Benefits of Chrysalis Courses

Chrysalis Courses will help you earn recognised and accredited qualifications to and help you gain personal or professional growth. Our courses are flexible – this means you can work in a range of settings, whether you are employed, self-employed, full-time, part-time, Chrysalis Courses can work around your needs.

For more information about Chrysalis Courses, please contact us.


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