A certain peace always seems to reign over my classroom when I arrive. It is usually time to set up, organise the register and sit and soak up the silence until the first of my lovely students arrives.

Upon arrival students hand in their homework and practice logs, and it’s lovely that I get so many cheery ‘hellos’ when they come in. The quiet has been broken, but for the good reason that students get to catch up with each other. By the time 10am hits, silence returns again, as I go through what we are going to be covering that day.   We always have time for a catch up as a group, anyone who wishes to speak can, and we talk about any practice that has taken place, any feedback or questions that the students may have.

My teaching day is always a combination of theoretical and practical work, and usually a fair amount of open discussion. Working with people who are there to learn because they really want to is fantastic. Everyone has something to add, and even those who are quiet when they first start usually find the environment comfortable enough to join in as they progress through the course.

Break times and lunchtimes are usually a mixture of chatting with each other over a cup of tea, more questions for me or sometimes even a little peace and quiet if everyone goes out to lunch. Lunchtime is also the time when I get to spend one to one time with any student who would like help.

Joining in is definitely encouraged and there is usually a good mix of personal information shared, group discussions, small group practice and even a fair amount of laughter.

The final part of the day is usually dedicated to homework, as I hand out the previously months’ work and then go through that modules homework sheet.  We always go through homework together, allowing me a chance to explain what is expected and students the time and space to ask any questions and clarify any specific points.

It’s amazing how quickly our days go, but they do say ‘Time flies when you are having fun’.


For a chance to meet with Karen and other tutors head to www.chrysaliscourses.co.uk/open-days where you will find details about the upcoming Open Days at a venue near you.

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