I once highlighted in an old Blog post, my reaction to what I feel is a much overused phrase “going forward”. Right then, as I was writing, I felt that if I heard it just once more, I might at the very least just start to stay where I was, if not go backwards!

Now, of course, the natural process of time ensures that you and I, and everyone else, are all going forward into a new year….

But what exactly does “going forward” mean?

Of course, “going forward” can simply be the process of time……we start a new year………we age a little on each birthday………. those are the natural passages of time.

In business management terms it often equates to big change. But “going forward” can signal the start of a process of upheaval, adjustment and loss as far as many workers are concerned.

So how can I make going forward positive for me………..right here………right now?

If, like me, you have recently spent extended time with family over the Christmas and New Year breaks, you may well be a little more connected with childhood memories, shared experiences from the past, and warm fuzzy feelings of “the good old days” rather than thinking about going forward anywhere.

And sometimes, it’s a real struggle to go forward into new areas such as moving house, selling the car, starting a new relationship, job or career.

Ultimately we are all going forward all the time simply with the natural passage of time. The important thing is how much we actively engage with that on an individual and personal level.

I would hate to think that even in 2 years’ time from now, I am doing exactly the same things in the same way, and not having gone forward at all in my heart.

So, perhaps I am going forward after all.

What are you going forward to this New Year?