Following on from my feedback on my journey after completing my studies with Chrysalis, I have found that my business has grown. I too have grown in confidence, that with each and every client, my knowledge increases too, as each client is so unique in the hypnotherapy and counselling they need.Since starting my business, and seeing clients, I have more idea on what areas I wish to specialise in, originally thinking that I would cover whatever was needed by the clients I got. I have been drawn to using hypnotherapy in helping people who have, or are going through, cancer treatments, I have used hypnotherapy to help encourage the visualisation of healing their own bodies, or in the body working alongside the radiotherapy or cancer treatment. I have used hypnotherapy to install a positive outlook on their recovery and treatments. This has proved to be really effective, and extremely helpful for the client during this very stressful time.

I have become interested in hypnotherapy for fertility, and again, have found this to be very effective. In collaboration with another therapist in a different field, out of the 3 case studies we worked on, 2 became pregnant. The longer you work as a hypnotherapist, you realise more and more the power that it has, how helpful and supportive it can be. I have become more creative in the writing of my scripts, this has been down to reading some very good books, primarily by David R Hamilton. Writing scripts that are fun and imaginative are definitely proving to be the most effective.

I am glad I chose to study over a longer period of time, to be able to choose a course that covered things so thoroughly, as this training has made me a better, more understanding, knowledgeable, hypnotherapist and counsellor. I feel my journey is just beginning as a hypnotherapist and counsellor as there is so much more to learn!