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Sign up for Chrysalis Courses London Open Day

Chrysalis Not For Profit would like to take this opportunity to announce that we are to host an open day in London, which will give you the chance to find out more about Chrysalis courses.

Become a counsellor

Statistics quoted by the Mental Health Foundation, a mental health charity, indicate that one in four people in the UK will be diagnosed with a mental health condition this year. These people can benefit from talking therapies such as counselling, which provide them with the support they need to tackle the underlying issues which cause mental health conditions. Continue reading

Mental Health Housing Development Opened in Derbyshire Village

Chrysalis Not For Profit has learned that a new housing development which was built specifically for people with mental health conditions has been opened in a Derbyshire village.

Housing and mental health

It’s vital that someone living with a mental health condition has access to safe, affordable housing. Mental health charity Mind has explained that “if you have poor housing or are homeless, it could increase your chances of developing a mental health problem, or could make an existing one harder to manage.” Continue reading

How Bosses Can Help Employees with Mental Health Issues

Chrysalis Not For Profit recently read an article that explained how bosses can help employees with mental health conditions.

Mental health at work

Research commissioned by mental health charity Mind shows that work is the biggest cause of stress in people’s lives. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development estimates that stress and other mental health conditions cost UK employers £26 billion – £1,035 per employee – every year.

How to support employees

Bartie Scott wrote for that there are three things employers can do to help staff members with mental health conditions at work. The first was “avoid stigmatised language,” because as entrepreneur Indigo Triplett once noted, “if someone had a heart attack or a stroke, we wouldn’t stand around the water cooler and make disparaging remarks about them.” Employees with mental health conditions want to be treated with respect.


Bartie Scott gives advice to employers on what they can do to help staff members with mental health conditions at work

Continue reading

New Apps Help Young People with Mental Health Conditions

Chrysalis Not for Profit recently learned that a range of new mobile apps have been created to help young people with mental health conditions throughout the UK.

Diagnosis of mental health conditions

Figures from the Mental Health Foundation, a mental health charity, indicate that a quarter of UK adults develop mental health conditions every year. World Health Organisation data illustrates that roughly three quarters of conditions start before someone reaches the age of 18. Half of adults with mental health conditions are diagnosed in childhood, although less than 50% are treated appropriately when diagnosed. Continue reading

Study Suggests Depression and Anxiety Can Be Genetic

A new study has suggested to Chrysalis Not For Profit that depression and anxiety can be genetic; that parents can potentially pass the risk of developing these mental health conditions onto their children.

Depression and anxiety

Figures from the Royal College of Psychiatrists show that one in five people will experience depression at some point in their lifetime. Meanwhile, data collected by mental health information portal Mental Healthy, indicates that 16% of the UK population will experience anxiety at any one time.

A study published in the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,’ has shed some light on why people experience depression and anxiety. The research indicates that parents pass the risk of developing these conditions onto their children. Continue reading

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