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Coverage of Mental health issues in the media

On my drive into work this morning I turned up the radio to discover that the main headline on BBC news was about Mental Health issues in the UK. After all the news articles I read on the subject I was thrilled to see this as a main headline and that it was being talked about and was getting a lot of coverage and people were talking about it.

Even happier was I to discover that there was a live talk being held, hosted by Victoria Derbyshire. With a host of panelists, and a crowd of people I knew it was going to be one to watch.

As I watched I was amazed by peoples stories of being sectioned and the struggles they had gone through.  It was great to see issues being raised about problems that had occurred whilst they had being sections and bringing this into the forefront of the media to be discussed with health care professionals and the public.

With a live Twitter stream running under the hashtag #victoriaLIVE as well it gave a chance for the public to have their say on what the professionals had said and about the stories that sufferers had shared.

We at Chrysalis are glad that this made the news and the stories told really touched us, the same, we am sure that they touched everyone who watched.

I hope more comes from this news story and i will be keeping an eagle eye out at the news over the coming weeks and months.

Pilot Mental Health care Scheme Deemed a Success

New reports have informed Chrysalis Not For Profit that a pilot scheme to help people with mental health conditions in Milton Keynes has been deemed a success.

Mental Health Act

The Mental Health Act 1983 is the law in England and Wales which allows authorities to detain, hospitalise and treat people with ‘mental health disorders’ without their consent. The BBC reported that the Act was used 50,000 times in 2013 to detain patients in hospitals; an increase of 12% in five years. Continue reading

Job Centres Launch Press Pause to Play Programme

Chrysalis Not For Profit recently heard that job centres in Wales are planning to launch the ‘Press Pause to Play’ programme. This is an initiative which is designed to get unemployed people with mental health issues back into work. Continue reading

Where Can You Find the Chrysalis Courses Brochure?

You can request a copy of the Chrysalis courses brochure; a comprehensive guide to the counselling training you’ll receive when you enrol on a Chrysalis course offered by Chrysalis Not For Profit. Continue reading

UK Employees’ Mental Health is “Getting Worse”

Chrysalis Not For Profit recently learned that a survey of nearly 400 HR professionals has shown that almost half believe that the mental health of UK employees is “getting worse.” Continue reading

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