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Why Take Chrysalis’ Counselling Skills and Theory Course?

You can establish a career in counselling by taking a range of Chrysalis courses supplied by Chrysalis Not For Profit. One of our training programmes is the Counselling Skills and Theory Course. Continue reading

The History of Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week began in 2000. During this first nationwide campaign people where surveyed about their experiences of stigma and discrimination in relation to mental health issues. Not surprisingly, 15 years ago, 70% of respondents had experienced some discrimination. There was still a calculable taboo around mental health as well with 66% of people not wanting to tell anyone of their inner turmoil. Continue reading

Man Reunites with Good Samaritan Who Stopped Him Committing Suicide

A documentary that aired on Channel 4 called The Stranger on the Bridge has caught the attention of Chrysalis Not For Profit. The programme told the story of a man that has recently reunited with a good Samaritan who stopped him committing suicide six years ago, after launching a campaign on social media to find him that made headlines across the world. Continue reading

Why Take Chrysalis’ Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills Course?

You can take a number of Chrysalis courses supplied by Chrysalis Not For Profit to train to become a counsellor. This includes the Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills Course. Continue reading

Talking Therapy and the Misconceptions

Psychology has been studied for a long time, centuries even, yet there are still many misconceptions about how and why talking therapy works.


For many people talking therapy has been quite literally a life saver and been a way to work through depression, anxiety and other psychological issues. However, there is still a cluster of people that believe talking therapy is self-indulgent and even an excuse to just talk about yourself for an hour.


There are the other group of people who think medication is the only answer and anything could be fixed with a pill a day. It saves time and the patients’ money perhaps? Medication can go some way to resolving psychological issues for sure, but there is a lot to be said about life experiences and how they have affected your life and perhaps the cause of some of the psychological issues.


It is for this reason that talking therapy remains so important and supporting people who want therapy or even training to deliver therapy is a top priority.


It was thought in the 90’s, as Prozac became more and more popular, that this was a miracle pill for treating depression. But this wasn’t exactly the case and the reality was much more complicated. There is no doubt that for many the medication worked and it worked, or is working, well, but others reacted differently. Research went on to show that those people benefitted more from talking therapy than medication. In fact a study last year cited in The Lancet, a medical journal, used 13,000 patients and found that talking therapy was more effected overall for long-term social anxiety disorder.


Therapy not only helps your mental health, it can have huge benefits to your physical health which has been proved to be linked together. It can include benefits from reducing pains to sleeping better. An Australian journal has even gone so far as to advise cognitive behavioural therapy being the primary treatment for those suffering with insomnia.


As well as the benefits of therapy whilst you are in the process there are also ongoing benefits upon completion of the course. Many individuals seek help for a specific issue and work through it to move on. After a certain amount of sessions, everyone will take a different amount; they may have more a grasp on the issue. Therefore the negative circumstances faced that were causing the problem are no longer there, they have changed and are not just been covered up.


You can train to be a qualified Psychodynamic Counsellor or Hypnotherapist with Chrysalis Not For Profit Ltd and increase the amount of therapists available out there to the millions in need.

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