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What does Studying Chrysalis Courses Involve?

You may want to know what a Chrysalis course involves before you enrol. That’s why Chrysalis Not For Profit has decided to explain the teaching methods we use throughout Chrysalis courses. Continue reading

Mindfulness Can Help With Mental Health Issues

Chrysalis Not For Profit is a big supporter of the charity the Mental Health Foundation. The charity helps to organise Mental Health Awareness Week, which this year argued that mindfulness treatments should be more readily available on the NHS, as they can help people with mental health issues. Continue reading

Study Shows That Lack of Ability to Focus is a Symptom of Depression

Chrysalis Not For Profit recently read about a study carried out by researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School. This research showed that a lack of ability to focus is a symptom of depression. Continue reading

Take that step

StepsHave you had your ‘aha’moment yet? That moment when you realised that it was time to take that ‘step’? Step, what step? That step, the one that takes you out of your comfort zone.   That possibly very scary first step. When did you realise, when you heard the Chrysalis advert, when you signed up for the course, on your first day, sometime after that? Maybe for some of you, you have not had it yet, but it will come. Continue reading

What to Expect on a Chrysalis Courses Open Day

Are you interested in learning to become a counsellor by taking one of the Chrysalis courses offered by Chrysalis Not For Profit?  If so, we suggest you come along to a Chrysalis courses open day. Continue reading

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