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Mediterranean Diet ‘Reduces the Risk of Stress, Anxiety and Mental Illness’

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of South Australia has shown that a Mediterranean diet ‘reduces the risk of stress, anxiety and mental illness.’

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How Becoming a Counsellor with Chrysalis Courses Can Help You Grow as a Professional

Chrysalis Not For Profit offer a number of training programmes that provide you with the skillset you need to become a counsellor. There are a number of benefits to taking a Chrysalis course. Becoming a counsellor with Chrysalis courses can help you grow as a professional.

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IT Director Shares Tips to Beat Depression

An IT director from Bayside, Dublin spoke of how he used running as a life-line to overcome anxiety and depression. He shared further tips which illustrated how counselling can be utilised to help somebody beat a range of mental health issues.

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Children’s Mental Health Services are ‘Not Fit for Purpose’

Minister of State for Care and Support Norman Lamb has said that children’s mental health services “are not fit for purpose.” Data shows that services that supply essential treatments such as counselling for children’s mental health issues are seriously underfunded.

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Why are holidays so important?

Why are holidays important? Maybe we should first of all look at what a holiday is, as lets face it there are differing opinions on this. For me it usually involves travelling to somewhere hot and sunny. I am a BIG fan of sunshine, blue skies and heat. Now I know that this is not the case for everyone, as some people are big fans of cold and snow. Thankfully we are all different or the beaches would be very crowded.

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