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Government Has Cut Mental Health Services Budget by a Significant Margin

Freedom of Information requests have shown that the UK government has cut the mental health services budget by a significant margin over the course of this parliament. Continue reading

Media and Depression: The Varying Reports of the Germanwings Disaster*

Following the recent tragic crash of the Germanwings plane in the French Alps this week the media has been abuzz with ‘who, how and why’. Continue reading

How Training as a Counsellor with Chrysalis Courses Can Help You Grow Personally

Chrysalis Not For Profit provide a range of training programmes which are designed to supply you with the skills to become a counsellor. Chrysalis courses come with a number of benefits; they will help you grow personally as well as professionally. Continue reading

Fantastic Belfast Open Day

What a fantastic day in Belfast on Saturday and it was great to meet so many wonderful people but I’m going to start this blog with how we arrived.

Continue reading

‘Being Less Stressed’ is the Number One Life Change People Want to Make

New research from meditation app Anamaya has indicated that ‘being less stressed’ is the number one change people across the UK want to make to their lives.

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