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Professional Accreditation with your Chrysalis Certificate or Diploma

So ‘am I accredited professionally as a counsellor when I finish studying with Chrysalis’? This is so often asked and we do know that it can be a bit of a minefield when you are first starting out in the profession. We hope to make it easy for you and put it all in place.

Studying with Chrysalis you will gain professional recognition and accreditation with the National Hypnotherapy Society and/or the National Counselling Society. From the beginning of your course you will sign up as a student member with the relevant Society – for the majority of our students starting at the entry level this will be the National Hypnotherapy Society initially.

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Mental Health – End the Stigma – Join the Conversation!

Here at Chrysalis Not For Profit we do try and keep involved and up to date with everything relevant to our field of therapy; hypnotherapy, psychotherapeutic counselling and other talking therapies.

This week we were overwhelmed with Twitter’s response to ending the stigma around mental health. The hashtag ‘#BellLetsTalk’ went global and reached a staggering amount of people. So much so that it was trending on twitter as the second most talked about thing in the world!

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Fantastic Open Day at Queen Mary University

The day started, as ever, with a good breakfast on our part! Open Days are busy with little time to stop, which we love!

My colleague Jess and I have sent out all the invites, newsletters, tickets and details of the day with one final call a few days prior to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

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The Role of a Student Application Advisor at Chrysalis

We are here as your first point of contact when embarking on a chrysalis course.

We can offer help and support with any questions you may have about the course – however small your query is don’t panic! We have heard them all before, and our job is to provide you with as much information so you feel prepared when starting your chosen course.

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Meet Karen Ferguson – Chrysalis Head of Hypnotherapy

I starting working as a tutor for Chrysalis in 2006, teaching 2 classes a month.  I was quite excited the first time I stood in front of a class.    It was quite an amazing feeling to get to work with a group of people who are in your classroom because they really want to be there.  I actually found that teaching is something I love to do.  This is something that allows me to see people grow and work towards something they really want.  Being able to stand in front of a group of people every month for a year and help, encourage and learn from them is really amazing.  My teaching days are really enjoyable, even if I am thrown the odd curveball question!

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